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Structure nr west side of M69 (WW2??)

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Every day I drive from Leicester, where I live, to Coventry, where I work.

There is a large, solidly built disused structure very close (perhaps 150 yards) to the west side of the M69; I estimate it to be pretty much in the direction of Thurlaston.

It's very distinctive. Like a three storey, gently tapering, windowless building with two long slits up the face nearest Leicester. It looks like it's solid, fairly basic, old concrete. It's surrounded by farmland and is itself half buried in scrub and a few unkempt trees. No other buildings are nearby. It may be concealed by the trees and shrubs from the Thurlaston side but it is very clearly visible to drivers heading south on the M69 (to their right hand side).

There seem to be paths around it. It looks like maybe local children play there and ride their bikes or motorbikes around it. Recently some large graffiti-painted letters have appeared at the top of the side facing Leicester.

I wonder every day as I pass it, what is it?? Who built it, when and why?? It looks at least 40 years old. If it is built of basic concrete I wonder if it is a substantial relic of World War Two. perhaps part of the defences of Coventry?? A tether for a barrage balloon? An anti-aircraft gun base?? These are just fanciful guesses, but does anyone know it? And does anyone know please what it was for??

Joined: 31/12/1969
Re: Structure nr west side of M69 (WW2??)

Its nothing exotic i am afraid, it was a loading dock for loading train trucks with stone from the quarry next to it (now a lake), the trackbed of the mineral line can still be seen if you go on google earth running from the site through the path of the M69 and along the West edge of the LPG gas depot to the south East where it connected to the Hinckley to the Narborough railway line